Our highly regarded Co-operative Education Program combines classroom instruction with valuable hands-on experience in over 100 occupational areas in business and industry. Students may earn two, three or four credits during the Co-op term.

Through Co-op, students acquire confidence and self-esteem, make informed career decisions, develop the skills and attitudes required for success in an ever-changing workplace, build a professional network for future employment, make smoother school-to-work transitions, and enhance acceptance possibilities to post-secondary or training programs.

Students, who are 16 years or older and have at least 16 credits, may register as an Apprentice while in Co-op. Many specialized apprenticeships are available in the auto, hospitality and construction industries as well as in a broad range of trades.

Prior to their placements, students prepare for success and learn workplace safety, employment standards and employers’ expectations. Co-op teachers monitor students regularly at their Co-op placements to assess their progress.