First Ai

If you are injured or want to report an injury, go to the office. Staff who are trained in basic first aid will be called to assist you there. School staff are not permitted to give medication of any kind, including aspirin. All injuries that happen on school property must be reported to the Vice Principals' Office.

Food and Drinks

The cafeteria is open from 8:00 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. every day. Vending machines are available. Students will not be excused to get drinks or food during class time. Students may eat breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria or on the first floor only. Students are not permitted to eat in classrooms or hallways above the lower level.

Locks and Lockers

Homeform teachers assign lockers to students. Each student has access only to one assigned locker which remains, at all times, the property of the Toronto District School Board and is loaned to students for their personal use and security, provided that the locker number, combination, name, and homeform are recorded in the Main Office. Students are cautioned not to leave valuables in their lockers. Administrators have the right to inspect student lockers. 

Lost and Found

Lost and found inquiries may be made in the Vice Principals' Office. Any item of value lost or believed stolen should be reported to the office. Insurance coverage can only be secured through personal homeowners' insurance policies. If you find anything that is not yours, bring it to office. You'll be happily surprised when you have lost something and it is returned by a considerate fellow student.


All parking spaces behind the school are reserved for staff. Students are encouraged to take the TTC. Some bicycles racks are provided outside the school building. If you ride your bike to school, make sure it is securely locked. There are student parking west of school.


This service is available in the library at the posted fee. You are bound by copyright laws. Check with the librarian to make sure you are not copying illegally. Remember too that the machine breaks down; so do not wait until the last minute to make the copies you need. It also helps to have the right change!

Student Council

The CTS Student Council plays a significant role in representing all students and developing school spirit. The CTS council organizes a number of activities during the year and welcomes the participation of all students. Read more about the Student Council here

Most courses at Emery provide textbooks for student use. It is your responsibility to:

* Take care of the textbooks

* Bring them to class when needed

* Return them in the same condition they were issued

* Pay for any lost/misplaced/damaged books

Volunteer/Community Service

All students must complete 40 hours of community as part of the requirement for their OSSD. Check the Guidance Office for information about possible placements. This is mandatory.