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The Government of Ontario announced that all schools in the province, including those at the TDSB, will be moving to remote learning following the April break.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Updated November 9, 2020

Please refer to the Applying to Attend FHCI Website for many specific details around the timelines and requirements for in-area and Optional Attendance applications.

Is Forest Hill C.I. Open for Optional Attendance?

Each year in December, the Optional Attendance status for Secondary Schools is determined by the TDSB.  For the past many years, FHCI has been open for "Limited" Optional Attendance.

Does everyone who applies for Optional Attendance get in?

Unfortunately, the demand for Optional Attendance outweighs the available seats in the school. FHCI follows the Optional Attendance procedure of holding a lottery for applicants. Priority is given to students with siblings who will continue to attend the school and students attending regular program in our local feeder schools (Forest Hill JPS and Cedarvale CS)

How many students are chosen in the lottery?

The number of seats allocated for Optional Attendance changes every year and depends on:

  • the number of seats allocated to the school
  • the number of in-area students opting to attend FHCI
  • the number of applicants through Optional Attendance

February 2018 - 68% of applicants were accepted through Optional Attendance

February 2019 - 56% of applicants were accepted through Optional Attendance

February 2020 - 74% of applicants were accepted through Optional Attendance

February 2021 - 69% of applicants were accepted through Optional Attendance