Student Council

What We Do

The student council is responsible for coordinating events around school and acting as a liaison between the school administration and the student body. We work to represent all students and create a better, more spirited, and fun environment at Forest Hill. The council is made up of elected and appointed positions, all of which work together and play individual, more specific roles in the school community.


Each member of the council is either elected or appointed to their position. Students from each grade can run for their grade's associated positions. Below you can find each member of the council, and which position they hold.


Harley Jacobson


Max Ecker

Senior Vice President

Jake Fogel

Junior Vice President

Daria Draskovic

Grade 12 Rep

Ousman Jikineh


Grade 11 Rep

Goncalo Novo


Grade 10 Rep

Ari Grosman

Grade 9 Rep

Samara Golger

Social Justice Representative

Aiden Muscovitch

Communications Representatives

Cody Levant & Rafi Lambert-Greene

Social Media Representative

Elana Kopman

Sports Representative

Max Sherman

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