COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project
Our School has a COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project.

Grade 8 Information

Welcome to Forest Hill Collegiate!  

Grade 8 flyer


NOTE:  Grade 8 students accompanied by their teachers from Forest Hill Junior Public & Senior School and Cedervale Community School will join us during the afternoon of the 13th to learn about our school. We will open our doors to parents, guardians and students from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 13.  All are welcome!  No registration required.

Beginning this year, the TDSB has new procedures for Out-of-Area Admissions (formerly called Optional Attendance).  Forest Hill Collegiate will have Limited status for 2023/2024.  There will be a limited number of grade 9 seats available at Forest Hill and these will be open to all students from all priority groups.  Applications will be available on Monday, January 9 and will be submitted electronically to a central application centre.  To learn more about the new application process, link to How do I apply for Out-of-Area Admission? Students interested in attending Forest Hill that are outside our catchment area are encouraged to speak to their grade 8 teacher or school administrator.  Link to TDSB Out-of-Area Admissions to understand procedures, policies and important deadlines.  


Frequently Asked Questions


Updated November 27, 2022

Please refer to the Applying to Attend FHCI Website for many specific details around the timelines and requirements for in-area and Optional Attendance applications.

Is Forest Hill C.I. Open for Out of Area Admissions (formerly called Optional Attendance)?

Each year in December, the status for Secondary Schools is determined by the TDSB.  For the past many years, FHCI has been open for "Limited" status for Out of Area Admissions.

Does every student who applies for Out of Area Admissions get in?

Unfortunately, the demand for Out of Area Admissions outweighs the available seats in the school. FHCI follows the Out of Area procedure for applicants. 

How many students are chosen for Out of Area Admissions?

The number of seats allocated for Out of Area Admissions changes every year and depends on:

  • the number of seats allocated to the school
  • the number of in-area students opting to attend Forest Hill
  • the number of applicants through Out of Area Admissions

February 2018 - 68% of applicants were accepted 

February 2019 - 56% of applicants were accepted 

February 2020 - 74% of applicants were accepted 

February 2021 - 69% of applicants were accepted 

February 2022 - 62% of applicants were accepted

Learn more about TDSB procedures, policies and important deadlines:  TDSB Out-of-Area Admissions. Also, review the new application process by linking to How do I apply for Out-of-Area Admission?