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NEW Guidance Website

Link to the New FHCI Guidance Website.  We have a new website to post important information. This includes information about post-secondary choices, volunteering opportunities, appointment booking, mental health & wellbeing information, and good opportunities for students in all grades.


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Instagram: fhciguidance
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Peer Tutors & Peer Mentoring

Would you like to help students with a subject you're good at? Or, would you like to help students with direction and share your wisdom? Would you like to get volunteer hours for it? You can! We're shifting to an online model this year. Application to be either a peer tutor or peer mentor can be found on our Guidance site here: 


Department Members:

Mr. A. Oosterhoff - Last Names A to F (ext.20042)
Ms. N. Robles-Evans - Last Names G to M (ext. 20043)
Ms. J. Ng (ACL) - N to Z (ext. 20041)


Course Outlines:

GLC2O Career Studies

Post Secondary Q&A (May 29, 2020)


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