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Student Clubs at F.H.C.I.

Here is the list of clubs at Forest Hill C.I. If you would like to join, or would like information about the club contact the staff supervisor

  Art Club

S. Conley

room 311 as announced

  Athletic Council

J. Homatidis

T1 every other Friday at lunch

  Because She's a Girl

D. Ferroni & N. Robles Evans

room 252 Thursday at lunch

Black Student Alliance

L. Burnip

drama room Tuesday at lunch

Board Games Club

P. Paul

G26 Wed. & Fri. 12:00 p.m.

Chess Club

C. Geomolean

room 221 Friday at lunch

Christian Fellowship Club

M. Thompson

room 119 Friday 12:00 p.m.

Computer Science

E. Sloim

room 111 every other Wed. at lunch

Cookies for a Cure

E. Monaghan

room 222 as announced

COPE Council

J. Ng

Guidance as announced

  Cubing Club

H. Saba

room 109 Friday at lunch

Dance Fashion Show

L. Burnip

Auditorium Wednesday at lunch


D. Ferroni

room 252 Wednesday at lunch

Filipino Club

J. Ibe

T1 as announced

For the Benefit of Others

A. Moore

room 143 as announced

  French Club

A. Pawlowski

room 234 Wednesday at lunch

Gender Sexuality Alliance

A. Chan

Library Wednesday after school

  GO Club C. Geomolean room 221 Wednesday at lunch

Golden Falcon Newspaper

E. Lee

room 144 Monday at lunch

  Investment Club

T. Rudan

room 135 every other Tuesday

Jewish Culture Club

A. Laki & L. Burnip

room 235 Tuesday at lunch

K Pop & Dance Club

M. Hao

room 276 Friday at lunch

  LEAP (Envirommental Awareness)

C. Soneriu

room 119 Thursday 12:00 p.m.

  Lifters' Club

P. Dinsmore

Weight room Tues. & Thurs. at lunch

Math Club

A. Basheer

 G38 Tues./Wed. as announced

Multi Heritage Club

A. Chan

 room 133 Wednesday at lunch

Newcomer's Club

H. Israelovitch

room 252A every other Wednesday 11:45 a.m.

Politics & History Club

T. Rudan

room 135 every other Thursday

Save the Animals

A. Matte

 Room 123 as announced

  Save the Sea Turtles Club

D. Haines

Room 276 as announced

Science Club

J. Pupovac & C. Jephcott

room 222 as announced

Serenity Club

G. Geomolean

room 221 as announced

Sports Management Club

L. Barber

G44 as announced

  Student Council J. Pupova, C. Grace & A. Moore room 143 weekly for members

Video Game Club

D. Ferroni

room 252 as announced

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