Guildwood Junior is nestled in the heart of a green community. Surrounded by trees and backing onto a community park, the school is a central component of the village we live in. The children attending our school benefit from a school spirit of ecology and environmental awareness. The focus of Greening Guildwood is to enhance the learning environment for the students.

The seating stones in the ‘teaching garden’ provide an ideal outdoor classroom where students have access to hands-on activities related to science, mathematics, literacy, and visual arts. To provide shade for the school building and to enhance the biodiversity of the school grounds, trees and shrubs representing a variety of native species have been planted. The TDSB chose the school to participate in a no-mow pilot project to encourage ‘forest regeneration’ in the ‘declining grove of ash trees’ that runs through the schoolyard and to reduce the impact from emissions and the generation of greenhouse gases. To appreciate where their food comes from, students plant a Three Sisters Garden (corn, beans, and pumpkins) and a vegetable garden in the courtyard.

At Guildwood Junior, everyone practices the Environmental 3Rs! The school consistently diverts more than it puts to waste. The students are actively involved in the recycling program. Fundraising lunches are green. Students are expected to bring Boomerang Lunches – with a boomerang lunch, everything goes home. The Boomerang Lunch program begins developing environmental awareness at an early age.

Guildwood Junior was a TDSB gold-certified EcoSchool from 2005 - 2007. During 2007-2008, Guildwood Junior received a Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds grant and was awarded a National Wildlife Week Award for Best Entry and Overall Winner by the Canadian Wildlife Federation. In 2008 – 2009 we were one of the few schools to have reached ECO Platinum status and have maintained our Platinum status ever since.

Please join us for one of our two Community Gardening Days for our fall and spring clean ups. We can really use your help!

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