Involved parents form the backbone of an effective school-community relationship. We are fortunate at Guildwood Jr. to have a network of over 60 volunteers who serve our school in many capacities. They enrich the school by sharing their time, talents and experience. From parents to students to seniors: everyone is welcome. Whether you can come twice a week or once a year, your contribution as a volunteer is very much appreciated.

Here are areas where your volunteer help is invaluable:

Borrow-A-Book Teachers in classrooms Class excursions
School Council Fall Fest Newsletter writing
Fundraising Library Pizza or other hot lunches
Lice checks Sports teams Reading with children
Special events Driving to games Community gardening days
Snack program Scientists in the Classroom Environmental projects

Borrow -A- Book Program
Every day, children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 are given a book to read at home in the evening. Parent volunteers, who collect the Borrow-A-Book plastic bags from the classrooms, do book exchange each morning. Primary students are offered guided reading books from levels 1- 70, while junior students also have a selection of novels or “chapter books”. We are currently updating our collection. It is expected that each child will spend 20-30 minutes reading at home on a daily basis. Please help your children get into the reading habit by signing their reading log in this agenda and discussing what they are reading. You’ll be amazed how much their fluency improves.

In the Primary grades (K-3), students will fill in one line for each book read. If a child reads a book more than once, enter the title again. You can select any book from your personal collection or from the Toronto Public Library. It also counts if you read aloud to your child or if the book is in a different language. In the Junior grades (4-6), students will fill in one line for each chapter read. A trip to the Treasure Box keeps the reading momentum going. Small incentive prizes are awarded to individual students as they finish each page in their reading log.