Mac Reps

Welcome to Mac Reps!
We, the Macdonald Representatives, are the largest council here at Sir John A. Macdonald C.I., consisting of a selected group of over 50 dedicated members ranging from grades 10 to 12.
What exactly do we do?  We organize, facilitate and participate in major events such as: Moving On Up (Grade 9/10 Orientation), TTC/Photo Day, Commencement, Parent-Teacher Interviews.  Throughout the year we also assist the Guidance Office and Main Office with various tasks, all the while representing Macdonald in the community.
Finally, don’t forget our famous lollipop charity fundraiser for NYGH where we raise funds for their Child and Teen Program!
The Mac Reps are a great council to be a part of and participate in, and yearly we welcome new members.  You will meet many other students and be a role model for the school, while also earning volunteer hours.
If you are interested in becoming a Mac Rep, please be sure to listen to the announcements in April/May and have a teacher recommend you.
We look forward to meeting you and working with you as a Mac Rep!