Continuing Education

Continuing Education

The TDSB runs Fall, Winter and Summer continuing education programs. Students must apply online and return the registration form signed by guardian or parent to guidance. Students are not registered until this step is complete. 

Admission During Regular School Year (Night School)
Students must be 16 years of age or older, must have completed 14 credits and must be passing all courses in their day school program. The night school course requested in the Fall must be one which was not available in day school or that the student was not able to schedule in the day school timetable.

Admission To Full Credit/Acceleration Courses (Summer)
Students are cautioned against taking a course such as English, Math or Science during the summer, where 20 days of instruction may not provide adequate time to proceed confidently to the following year's work.

Admission To Credit Recovery Summer School
Students will be admitted to credit recovery summer school when they have failed a subject. Registration for credit recovery summer school takes place in early June and is the responsibility of the student to enroll.

Falsifying Information
Any student who has falsified information to gain entry to summer school or to night school will be withdrawn from the course. A letter will be sent home to the parents and placed in the OSR indicating that this step has been taken. Students must consult a counselor to complete a night school or summer school application form. Any student who earns a credit for continuing education courses that she/he took without receiving the required permission from Macdonald and/or falsified information to gain entry into the course will not have the credit added to his/her record. Macdonald will not forward this credit to any post-secondary institution on behalf of the student.

Falsifying Information Includes The Following
 - The student indicates on the Adult and Continuing Education application form that she/he does not attend day school.
 - The student indicates that she/he has the prerequisite for the Continuing Education course, but does not. The prerequisites are those stated by the Ministry of Education and the Toronto District School Board.
 - The student does not have the written consent of the Principal to take a course in night school.

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