Admission Information

Admission Information


Online registration is for students new to the TDSB. Please do not complete an online registration for a current TDSB student. For further information and instructions, contact the school where you would like to register.

Registration for non-TDSB students 

Thank you for choosing Sir John A Macdonald for your child.  Please call 416-396-6793 to book a virtual appointment. 

Registering at Sir John A Macdonald CI

You will need to provide at least three acceptable pieces of proof of address in order to obtain a registration package, only original documents accepted. You must include a current lease or deed plus two of the following:

  1. Current property tax bill
  2. Current utility bill
  3. Recent correspondence from a government agency or Revenue Canada
  4. Original credit card statement
  5. Current motor vehicle ownership & insurance

Once the above is received guidance will hand out the registration package. We also ask for the following to be reviewed with the completed registration package:

  1. Copy of Birth Certificate/Passport
  2. Most recent Report Card and/or transcript
  3. Immunization Record

Please pick up a registration package in the guidance office. Feel free to call us at 416 396-6793 ext. 20041.

Newcomer Reception Centre

High School

If you are new to Ontario, attended a private school or were homeschooled, you will need to have your English language and mathematics skills assessed. This assessment will help schools offer you the supports needed as you begin studying at Macdonald. See below.


Learn with the TDSB - Full information can be found here.


Optional Attendance

All other students who live outside of the area are encouraged to apply through Optional AttendanceAll applications must be submitted to our school by Friday, January 28. Students accepted to Macdonald must confirm their status by February 28th.  They will have their acceptance status determined by a lottery by February 11. Priority status will be given first to applicants who have a sibling currently attending Macdonald and who will be attending next year. Parents/guardians or students 18 years of age or older must confirm the offer of admission by completing a course selection sheet by February 22.

Applications for grade 8 students will be available from their Guidance Counsellor at their school. Macdonald students must get their form signed by the school administration. 

This policy applies to all students applying to Macdonald for September 2022 (Grade 9 - 12).

For current Macdonald students applying to a different high school for September 2022, please come to the guidance office to request your Optional Attendance form. It is your responsibility to deliver this application to the school or schools of choice by January 28.