Mentorship Council

The Mentorship Council is running at our school for the first time ever by the the grade 12 Leadership, Mentorship and Teaching class. Our goal is to provide 30 or so students at our school with a good foundation in their junior years through the opportunity of having a mentor.

The mentees have been matched with students in our course and we are encouraging the pairs to build relationships with one another based on respect, experience and advice.

Our mentors will work with these students in the many aspects of high school that can be overbearing, such as learning strategies and social situations. Together we will develop skills they can apply in everyday society and possibly even the workforce.

Besides these one on one pairings, Mentorship Council will be holding a range of activities together as a council. For example, an amazing race and a holiday event will take place before the new year. These events are a great way for the students to be introduced to new positive situations and to interact with people with different learning techniques and styles. More events will be happening after the new year as well.

Our Interdisciplinary Studies class also provides other clubs and opportunities for the students at our school to connect with one another, whether you would like to participate in GEMS, Boys to men, NTCA or other clubs.