Principal's Message

Having been at Mowat for over two years now I am still amazed at how talented our students are. As Dr. Leong puts it, we are a triple A threat in athletics, academics, and the arts. I still haven't been able to attend an athletic event for every school team despite my best effort. I've gone to countless gyms, many arenas, baseball diamonds, swimming pools, and cheerleading centres but still have missed watching our curling teams compete with I promise to rectify next year. Academically, the highlight of my year is always commencement where I am able to shake the hands of our graduates knowing they are prepared for their chosen post secondary destination. Staff and parents alike couldn't be prouder. As for the arts, I was captivated by one of Mowat's Christmas concert, drama night, and Sears Festival production with was directed by one of Mowat's own students. How's that for stepping up? Athletics, academics, and the arts. Mowat you truly are a great place!

Mr. Hack