Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and The Humanities

Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and The Humanities

Cana and WorldThe ACL of Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences and The Humanities is Ms. Ana Cano-Chang 






The Canadian and World Studies and The Humanities team is:

  • Ms. Naomi Dylan
  • Ms. Katie Hamilton    
  • Ms. Tola Ajao
  • Mr. Steven Ovadya  
  • Ms. Melanie Palka
  • Mr. David Hack
  • Ms. Ali Nason
  • Mr. Peter Bovey 
  • Mr. Miro Bartnik


What do students say about Canadian and World Studies?:

History students

“I’m glad I took history for many reasons. Firstly, I learned a lot of what has happened in the past that has shaped our world today. I think it’s important to be knowledgeable on what has happened in the past. To know of the people who came before us and the accomplishments and mistakes they made.  Secondly, I think I’m a better critical thinker because of this course.”

“I was glad I studied History because it made me a more knowledgeable person about the events and people from back then. It made me understand some things that I was confused about in history. Also, I learned a lot of things through this class.”

“History is a class I took because I was interested in it. I am glad I took it because I learned a lot of interesting things, which I believe I can use in the future. There were many fun, creative assignments, that we did which helped improve my reading and writing abilities.”

“It was time well spent learning history.”

“I didn’t just have to memorize dates and names and places. I got to approach history analytically, and study cause-and-effect relationships between certain events over time. This made history all the more enjoyable.”


 ESL students:

The class has a lot of discussion about important things”

“Teachers are really nice and they help you with your projects”

“I think History is good for me. Because before I don’t know WWI and WWII and other things. Now I know about Canada too.”

“I liked the field trip, it was interesting because we saw how people lived during war and we learned about what’s the difference between an original picture and an edited picture”

“I liked learning about it [WWII] and I got to learn about how the people same as me, Gypsies, were involved and what happened to them.”

Some of the Experiences that students enjoy in Canadian and world studies classes:

  • Grade 11 and 12 law students take field trips to the courts
  • Grade 9 Geography students take a field trip to the Royal Winter Fair
  • Grade 10 History students help plan and organize the Remembrance day Service
  • IB DP for History and Psychology: Advanced study in both subjects. Study topics not covered in regular 3U/4U courses. Opportunity for advance placement at university
  • Creating Board Games
  • Simulations like the Paris Peace accord and the Congress of Vienna