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Student Success

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Student Success at Parkdale is a TEAM EFFORT - our Goal is to promote positive outcomes for students during their experience throughout high school. The Student Success team is comprised of our administration, student success teacher, guidance counsellor, special education teacher, subject teachers of specific students, educational assistant, and the child and youth worker.  We work closely and collaboratively to provide extra support and attention for students who may require this. Each month, the Student Success team meets to discuss students who are not achieving to their highest potential in order to create support plans and monitor their progress. Furthermore, the Student Success team supports our students and their families in a variety of ways, including:

Providing support through each transition in high school (e.g. grade 8 to 9, between grades, and preparing for postsecondary pathways)

Teaching effective work and study habits

Bridging communication with teachers and/or parents

Building resumes and preparing for work and/or community involvement 

Exploring experiential learning opportunities in high school

Supporting credit accumulation (e.g. credit rescue, credit recovery, etc.)

WEB peer mentorship program 

Student success goals are also achieved through student leadership and mentorship at Parkdale. WEB - “Where Everyone Belongs” is PCI’s very own student mentorship program. This program was instituted to support the well-being of our student body through peer relationship building and leadership development. Grade 11 and 12 students apply to be WEB mentors for the year. They attend virtual sessions

with Trinity Theatre to develop their leadership skills. Trinity is made up of an intergenerational team of secondary, post-secondary and retired educator volunteers who lead students into a deeper understanding of themselves and their communities. This leadership training provides our grade 11 and 12 students with the tools to productively interact with our grade 9 students in an effort to build and develop relationships. These trained mentors meet with grade 9s in their classes and lead them through a variety of activities throughout the school year. Areas of focus for peer mentorship activities include: building the Grade 9’s sense of belonging, positive relationships, and student empowerment.

The ACL of Student Success is Ali Nason.