Library F.A.Q.

Library F.A.Q.

When is the LLC open?

  • The LLC opens in the morning at 8:20 AM until 8:30 AM
  • Is open at Lunch from 11:45 AM - 12:20 PM
  • And stays open afterschool until 4:00 PM

How can I use the LLC?

  • Classroom teachers book their classes to work with Mr. Maguire, the Teacher-librarian
  • Students also use permission notes from their teachers to access the LLC during class
  • Students with spare periods can sign into the binder on the circulation desk

What can I borrow from the LLC?

  • Approximately 10,000 books (both fiction and non-fiction) including graphic novels, novels, and print resources for teachers
  • Approximately 24 magazine subscriptions
  • DVDs of both feature films and non-fiction and documentary titles
  • Reference books that can be borrowed overnight

What do I need to borrow books?

  • Your Parkdale CI photo I.D. card OR : ·    
  • Your current Parkdale CI timetable OR : 
  • Your TDSB Student ID number

How do I find books in the LLC?

  • Use the Virtual Library and access the Catalogue
  • Locate call #s of books and search the shelves with the help of Mr. Maguire

What if the item I want to borrow isn’t available?

  • Check the Toronto Public Library catalogue using the link on the Virtual Library to borrow it from a local TPL branch
  • Make a request/recommendation to Mr. Maguire that it be added to our collection

When do I need to return books and other borrowed materials?

  • Usually, materials returned or renewed after two weeks
  • Magazines are returned after one week
  • Reference materials are returned the next school day

How much are overdue fees?

  • Late items are charged $0.10 per item per day, not including weekends and school holidays

Where is the photocopier? Is it free? Is it colour?

  • It is in the corner of Seminar Two, beside the Reference Shelves, and in behind the Circulation Desk. It costs $0.10 per copy (per side of paper) and has only black ink, but can do double-sided copies

How do I print in the Library? Is it free?

  • The printer is located in front of the Library Office doors, in behind the Circulation Desk
  • On the network the printer name is 1383CLASS064
  • The first 20 pages of a printing job are free; after that it is $0.10 per page


Why do we have a 3-D Printer? Is it free?

  • The MakerBot 3-D printer is new and therefore the possibilities are (almost) endless! Just ask if you wish to print and look for your teachers to fit an assignment involving 3-D printing – very soon! All printing is FREE but needs to be approved by the librarian.

What kinds of computers are available?

  • We have 30 desktop Dell PCs available in the Library. ChromeBooks, HP laptops, as well as i-Pads on carts are available for classroom teachers to sign out for their students 

How do I connect to Wi-Fi in the LLC?

  • Use your student network login (student number and password) and choose “TDSB-Wi-Fi” on your device’s list of available networks

Where do I find the Virtual Library?

  • The Virtual Library can be accessed through the Library Site within AW, the school website, or directly through the following URL:



How/Why would I use the Virtual Library?

  • The VL hosts an array of online encyclopedias, databases, selected weblinks and other electronic research tools and resources
  • Use it for all your research needs, from individual homework assignments to group presentations to longer reports and essays

What else happens at the LLC? When?


  • White Pine Reading Contest (November-May)
  • Freedom to read Week (February-March)
  • Guest Author/Researcher Visits (various times)

Why is food and drink not allowed?

  • Besides being a hazard to our print materials, both food and drink endanger our electronic equipment when dropped or spilled
  • Our carpeting will hold spills and food stains for a very long time
  • We do not want to leave food and drink waste that will attract vermin (insects, mice)
  • We all want a clean LLC environment that is free from discarded wrappers, food containers, bottles, cans, etc.

How can I earn Community Service Hours at the LLC?

  • The most convenient way is to become a  Library Volunteer.
  • Student volunteers have 30-minute shifts, usually once a week, either after school or in the second half of lunch

Who can help me use the LLC?

  • Our teacher-librarians will teach you how to use the LLC and how to conduct research and inquiry. 
  • Other teachers, as well as Library volunteers, can answer your questions also; just ask!