IB Programme


Parkdale Collegiate Institute has been an authorized International Baccalaureate World School since 2007. We are committed to offering a high standard of education to all of our I.B. students through the courses we offer and the services and opportunities we present. The I.B. Programme is still a growing program, but we are already achieving recognition in and around the Parkdale community. The goal of the I.B. Diploma Progamme at Parkdale is to enrich the lives of all members of our community, and to improve the success and achievement of all Parkdale students.

As the world grows smaller and communication improves and crosses political boundaries, international-mindedness and awareness and respect of other cultures becomes more important. This is a central tenet of the I.B. Programme and is incorporated into the curriculum of every subject area, through discussions and assignments around multinational events, collaborations, and projects. Many school clubs and functions highlight issues that are important to many countries and/or promote cultural understanding.

Students in our I.B. Diploma Programme play a vital role in the culture of the school. I.B. students and non-I.B. students work together on projects and initiatives for the school. I.B. students, though, have dedicated classes of their own, where they learn the I.B. curriculum from I.B.-trained teachers. The attributes and values that every student should demonstrate are summarized by the IBO into the I.B. Learner Profile. These 10 character traits are what I.B. students strive to be.   

IB Mission Statement