Staff and Classes

Office Staff

 Principal A. Morgan
 Vice-Principal J. Nanfara-Grande
 Office-Administrator S. Neves


Caretaking Staff

 Head Caretaker  D. French
 Evening Caretaker  


Classroom Teachers

FDK 1 K. Abbott
FDK 2 N. Tailor
FDK 3 N. Andrade
Grade 1/2 S. Cooper
Grade 1/2 A. Sandhu
Grade 3 I. Litosh
Grade 4/5 J. Lookshin
Grade 4/5 S. Ahmed
Primary ASD D. Tokar
Junior ASD J. Quenneville


Support and Programs

Reading Support / Special Education Support G. Lam
Methods And Resources Teacher & ESL M. Moftakhar
French  C. Oyakumo
Gym  W. Belcher
STEAM D. Sandercock


Early Childhood Educators

 ECE FDK 2 M. Malik
 ECE FDK 3 K. Edwards


Educational Assistants

 Child and Youth Worker (Pr. ASD) L. Iwasutiak
 Child and Youth Worker (Jr. ASD) N. Fraser
 Educational Assistant W. James


Lunchroom Supervisors

D. Caira M. Adawa
J. Miller V. Hutchinson
 M. Thorpe P. Quash