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Volleyball Tournament


The volleyball tournament was exciting, entertaining, fun and more! We had to walk to Weston Road, to catch the bus. The bus ride was relaxing for us after a long walk.  When, we got to the tournament, we won the first round. We versed a lot of teams. The other teams played hard and it looked like they had a lot of practice. Some of the other teams were chanting really loud, which made it hard to concentrate.  But, we played with teamwork and we won about 5 out of 8 games. We worked together very well. We had a good time and we enjoyed the games. It was a good experience for the whole team.

~ Eden Cuff ~

Hooping it Up!

Hooping it UpOn Friday, March 2, Pelmo students were doing, Hooping it Up! You have to get points from shooting the basketball in the hoop. If you got the most points, you could win $500 and you could give that money to a friend and your family would be proud. We raised money and canned food for the North York Harvest Food Bank, about one hundred dollars and 37 kgs of food!

~ Fareed Dosumo ~

Junior Boys Basketball

boys basketball

On February 14, 2018, Pelmo Park Jr Boys Basketball went to CR Marchant for a basketball tournament.We played 3 games, and we worked hard as a team, we tried our best and showed great sportsmanship.The team would like to show appreciation to our coaches Mr. Sandercock and Mr. Belcher for taking us to this amazing trip. 

~ Omarie Hope ~

Girls Volleyball

girls volleyball

On Friday, February 9, 2018, Pelmo Park Grade 4/5 Girls Volleyball Team participated in a Volleyball Tournament, at Shoreham Public School. Thank you to our coaches, Ms. Lacombe and Ms. Chan, who spent their lunches and recesses to train us for the day, so that we may do our best. At the tournament, we won two matches!  Thank you to all the grade 4/5 girls that participated and put a huge amount of effort, hard work and showed exquisite sportsmanship to their opponents.

 ~ Serenity Berry and Aliyah Fambi ~