R.H. King Tradition

In 1919 a Board of Trustees was appointed to establish the first high school, named Scarborough High School, in the southern portion of the township of Scarborough. Seven acres were purchased from the Pherrill estate for $14,000 and on June 29, 1922 the cornerstone was laid for the new building. The school was not ready until November but classes began on September 6 in Birch Cliff Congregational Church, with classics specialist, Reginald H. King (to the left), as Principal, three other teachers, and 116 Students

     In January, 1930, the school became Scarborough Collegiate and by 1932 a new addition was needed to accomodate the growing student population. Scarborough Collegiate Institute students faced the Depression years and World War II in 1939, a war that claimed sixty-two lives of students on active service.

     In 1952, a new addition put an end to overcrowding and the school was re-named R.H. King Collegiate. More building in 1976 gave R.H. King students the existing facilities. The new concept of R.H. King Academy was established in 1989.