Mentor Period


Participation in the school's weekly mentor program provides a practical forum for students to assume a leadership role in the school as well as directing the course of their own academic learning and personal/professional development.  Specifically, the school's weekly Mentor Program provides students with opportunities to develop:
  • a sense of personal well being
  • a relationship with a teacher assigned to act as a listener, coach and mentor
  • effective skills in decision making, time management and reflective learning
  • leadership skills required to ensure a learning environment that is healthy/safe
  • requisite life-long learning skills to foster academic success, leading to independent learning
  • interests relevant to completing community involvement requirements, co-curricular involvement as well as career planning/option selection
  • a sense of community as well as an understanding of social responsibilities
  • a direct link with the Student Services Department

Mentor Framework and Organization

Mentor periods are scheduled on Wednesdays from   10:00 - 10:55 a.m. where students collaborate to organize and facilitate a meeting that develops academic ability as well as leadership potential and learning strategies.  The ability to become an effective independent learner is the intended outcome for all senior students at R. H. King.