School Council Wiki

PRIVATE WEBSITE: For the parents and guardians of students attending R.H. King Academy, we offer a private collaboration website with detailed information and online collaboration opportunities designed just for them.

TRANSLATIONS: Every webpage provides the option to translate the text into over 60 different languages in a fraction of a second, including Bengali, Chinese, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, and Urdu.

- Agendas - topics of past and future meetings
- Colleges and Universities - post-secondary institutions and scholarships
- Council Members- contacts and roles
- Diversity -inspiring examples of leadership in Canada and around the world
- Donations- what the school needs
- Fundraising -TDSB guidance
- Glossary - full expansion of acronyms and explanation of TDSB jargon
- Minutes - records of meetings, decisions and action team projects
- News Flash - latest news from the school
- Orientation - a complete online copy of the student agenda
- Parent Satisfaction - results of annual surveys
- Parenting - guidance on raising teens
- Partners -information on suppliers and supporting organizations
- School Calendar - periodically updated list of events and special dates
- School Safety - helpful information on public safety in and around the school
- ... and more!

HOW TO JOIN (choose 1):

1. Sign up at the Grade 8 information session in August by agreeing to be contacted by email.
2. Sign up at any School Council Meeting
3. Send an email “Requesting School Council Wiki Access” to
4. Go to to enroll. Create a username that identifies who you are to the school, not a nickname. Then request access to the R.H. King Academy School Council Wiki.


After you have joined and had your access approved, launch the following URL: