Future Leaders

R.H. King Academy
Specialized Leadership Pathway Program

                  The Leadership pathway offers an opportunity for students to develop their leadership potential in all areas of school and community life. Students assume ownership for their leadership development in that they must take the initiative to become involved in a variety of in-school, feeder school and community leadership opportunities. The Leadership Pathway is a four year program that begins in grade 9.


  • Student require an extra 25 hours of community involvement hours
  • Students are blocked into core subjects: English, Physical Education, Civic and Careers and History
  • Special Mentor Groups
  • Completion of Grade 11 Leadership Course
  • Attend Guest Speaker Sessions and Workshops
  • Leadership Activity Passport

Examples of program's Contextualized Learning Activities

Grade 9 English

  • Analysis of Canadian heroes and examination of their leadership qualities
  • Short stories
  • Leadership styles and strengths

    Grade 9 Physical Education
  • Health Fair
  • CPR Training
  • Tournament Organizational Skills
  • Fitness Blasts

    Examples of Guest Speaker Sessions (Past and Present)

    • Jennifer O'Connell - Pickering City Councilor – Importance of a Mentor
    • Michael Malcolm - Principal - King Graduate - 21st Century Leadership
    • Dave Conlon - Canadian Association of Student Activity Advisors – Leadership 101
    • Katie Grey and Cynthia Shipley - Manager/Supervisor of Marketing and Communications at the
    • Toronto Zoo - Marketing and Communication Techniques
    • Mark Nunn - Project Management
    • Iva Khun - Doctor - The Soft Skills of Leadership
    • Cecile Peterkins - Career Coach & E-Author - Careers
    • Steve “Dangle” Glynn - Nike and Toronto Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment Blog Developer/Post Game Analysis – Networking
    • Mary Beth Challoner - Success: On and off the Field
     Examples of Workshops

    • Centre for Leadership and Education Training (University of Toronto) - Group Dynamics
    • Richard Clarke – Recreation and Leadership teacher at Georgian College - Facilitation Workshops
    • Dynamix
    • Colin Holbrow - Your Inner Drive
    • Youth University at Brock
    Excursions Offered
    • Leadership Development Day (Grade 9)
    • Ottawa (Grade 10)
    • Bluffers Park Activity Day
    • Youth Leadership Camps Canada (Grade 11)
    • Diversity In Action Workshop (Variety Village)