Character Development


Anti-Bullying campaigns are always running at Ryerson CS. If you walk through our halls you will see work created by students on what is bullying, how to stop it, and how to stand up for yourself and your friends.  Workshops are held regularly for students in many areas such as anti-homophobia, cyberbullying, racial bullying, sexual harassment, and much more.  We promote an inclusive environment at Ryerson and bullying is not tolerated in any fashion.  

Anti bullyingthink before you speak

Character Development


Every month Ryerson educates students on different Character Building traits.  Students are recognized for exhibiting these character traits and behaviors with their peers through an assembly.  

Character Traits Emphasized:

September - RespectPlay Learn and Grow together

October - Responsibility

November - Empathy

December - Kindness and Caring

January - Teamwork

February - Fairness

March - Honesty

April - Co-operation

May - Integrity

June - Perseverance