Newcomer's Guide to Elementary School in Ontario

Ryerson is a strong believer in Community.  Most of our students walk to school and use all of the surrounding partners and organizations.  Our partners and organizations have employees who even attended Ryerson in their youth.  Together, we build and learn as a community and through the community.  Please visit our "Community Partners" tab on the left to learn more about our community.

Ryerson Community School is for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.  If you wish to register your child, please visit the Registration tab on the left to find out how to do this. 

Ryerson as a Middle School

Ryerson CS is also a middle school for many of our neighbouring schools that only go to Grade 6.  Every year a Transitions Night is held for the parents and students of these schools to show what Ryerson is all about and what we have to offer.  Keep returning back to the Calendar of Events page and our Home page to find out when our next Transitions Night will be held. 

Parents of Grade 6 students: Your child will soon be entering Middle School. Ryerson Community School is a K-8 school. Many of our neighboring schools only go to Grade 6. It is during your child's Grade 6 year that you will be looking for a Middle School that suits your needs. Ryerson has many fantastic programs, sports, clubs and much more to offer your child. We also have many support services, International Languages, ESL support, and Settlement services.


The Registration Process

Junior Kindergarten

Children who will be 4 years old between January and December are eligible to register for kindergarten for the September of that year.

Senior Kindergarten - Grade 8

If you are new to our community and need to register your child for school, please check the TDSB website to ensure Ryerson is your home school.  Go to  Choose "Find Your School".  If Ryerson CS is your home school, visit the school at your convenience with the appropriate documents to register.  (see list below).  If Ryerson CS is not your home school and you wish to register anyway, please visit your homeschool to have an Optional Attendance Form completed by the Principal.  Bring this form to our school with the appropriate documents.  Students will begin school the day after the registration forms are complete and all documentation has been received. 

Register your child early!!

No registrations will be done on the first day of school!

Registering early allows your child to attend school on the first day. However, please note that JK students have a staggered entry. Please do not show up on the first day of school to register your child. No registrations will be completed on this day.

Registering early also allows your child to attend our Welcome to Kindergarten day.  This is the day you get to bring your child to school, introduce them to the teacher, see the classrooms and ask any questions you may have.  Only children who register before May 1 will be able to attend our Welcome to Kindergarten day. 


Documents Required

Remember to bring the following documents with you for your child's registration: (for all registrations)

  • Proof of Age (Birth Certificate, Baptismal Record, Passport)
  • Citizenship (Birth Certificate, Passport, Permanent Residence Card, Record of Landing, etc.)
  • Proof of Address (2 pieces required; telephone bill, driver's licence, bank statement, income tax form, rental or lease agreement, hydro bill, water bill, etc.)
  • Health Card
  • Immunization Record

Without these documents, we will not be able to register your child. If you are not living in the Ryerson District; Ryerson is NOT your home school, you will need to have the Optional Attendance Form filled out by your home school when registering your child at Ryerson. This form can be found in the Forms section of our website. Please note that Optional Attendance is not guaranteed. Optional Attendance is given only in particular instances.

To find your home school visit  Choose "Find My School". 



Certain addresses are eligible for transportation via a TDSB school bus. Upon registration you will need to fill out a bussing form.  Please note that buses are only for students in Kindergarten to Grade 5 (inclusive). 

If your child lives at an eligible address and is in Grade 6, 7 or 8 you may apply for "An Empty Seat" on the bus.  Please inform the office if you wish to do this.  Otherwise, your child will need to provide their own transportation to and from school.

To find out if your address is eligible for transportation via a TDSB School Bus, please contact our school office at 416-393-1340.

For more information: TDSB Transportation Policies