Nutrition Program

Ryerson Nutrition Program

Ryerson Community School runs a daily Nutrition program that includes snack and lunch. Each day children are given a healthy snack such as fruit, vegetable, milk, pita, bagels etc. The food reflects the values and tastes of our community and follows TDSB policy and Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating. 

Healthy food is essential for students' physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. This is something our mothers always told us and now research has proven it! Well nourished students are better able to concentrate, more effectively retain and apply the things they learn and are more likely to show positive social behaviours. Children use up energy quickly and require frequent nutritious nourishment. 

For pricing information please see the Registration Form which will be sent home the first week of school.  We anticipate this program will begin at the end of the first week.  Be sure to send snacks and lunch with your child until the program is running,



These menus are just a glimpse of what we offer and portion sizes. They are subject to change and without notice.  We do try to keep a variety of options for the students, as we are aware that variety keeps the program successful and exciting. 

If you can volunteer to help out with our program, please email Karen at


Nutrition program and Lunch reminders:   

  • If sending lunch with your child, please try to make it litter-less. 
  • We are not able to heat-up bagged lunches for students.   
  • Lunch tickets can be purchased online using the Nutrition Form.