We're an EcoSchool!


Ryerson Community School is a Eco-School.
  We earned this status through the hard work of staff and students.  Way to go Ryerson!

Part of being an eco-school means that we will be using a lot less paper.  Permission forms, newsletters, notices and information will be sent electronically and posted on our website!  Please review this website regularly to stay up to date on information.  Under Teacher Pages you will find your child's schedule, homework and other information relating to their classroom and school work.  Events and calendar items will be posted, also under the Events and Calendar menus.  Any important information will be found on this website under one of the many menu items to the left.  

It is imperative that we have an up to date email address for all students.  Please provide the office with your current email address.  

In addition to using less paper we are reusing and recycling any and all items possible.  We encourage all students to bring litterless lunches as much as possible and to wash and reuse any plastic utensils.  

Green Bins  have been introduced to the school, too!  Now we can compost our food waste.  This is good news for our wonderful garden on the south side of our school!  This garden was created by staff and students in a combined effort with Scadding Court Community Centre staff.  On your next visit to our school, please stop by and have a look.