Sir William Osler High School

It has been an exciting year at Osler! There were so many different opportunities for our students from our Year-End-Trip, Prom, our annual Open House, Dance Day, the Cooking Challenge, the Green Energy Challenge, many different field trips and an exciting Talent Show that demonstrated the variety of talents our students have. This is just to name a few. This year, the School Council grew and hosted the first Parent Share. Thank you to all of our parents for the support and encouragement they provide in our close community. Osler continues to be a very special and busy place.
We have many exciting plans for next year, including our new Experiential Learning Apartment and planned mock Grocery Store, our new Hydroponic Growing Stations and building Global Competencies and Student Inquiry into our curriculum. 
On behalf of the entire staff, have a happy and safe summer!

Ian Bain,

Special Olympics 2019

Osler Earns Platinum EcoSchool Award

Congratulations Osler! Once agPlatinumain, our dedication to the environment has shone! Our work with recycling, composting, energy conservation, and awareness programs has earned
our Community the top award in environmental stewardship! 
Thank you to our ecoSchool leaders, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Pascotto and Ms Thadchanamoorthy.




Transportation Portal: 
The Transportation Portal allows you to access information specific to your child’s transportation, including route number, stop location, times and bus company contact details. Sign up and receive up-to-date information including late busses and cancellations.

Thank YOU!!!

Thank you to President's Choice Charities for your donation to help support our breakfast club.  We are pleased to provide over 90 students with a healthy start to their day.

PC Children's Charity

Looking For Noon-Hour Assistants

The Toronto District School Board is looking for Noon-Hour Assistants.  This is a paid position for two hours per day, usually from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM.  If you or someone you know is interested, please go to the TDSB website.