Student Expectations

These expectations were co-created with the Waterfront students, staff and community.

A Waterfront Student Is Someone Who…

  • Uses appropriate language at all times
  • Comes to school on time and prepared to learn when they walk through the school doors
  • Lines up quickly, quietly and in single file
  • Listens attentively and follows instructions
  • Walks in line quietly in the school
  • Treats peers and adults with respect
  • Uses technology appropriately according to TDSB and school expectations
  • Always tries their best
  • Celebrates mistakes and uses a growth mindset
  • Is honest
  • Has integrity and does the right thing
  • Takes responsibility for their own actions
  • Treats others kindly and uses kind words
  • Cleans up after themselves
  • Treats school property with respect and is a steward of the school environment
  • Shows empathy and is considerate of others’ feelings
  • Is a positive problem solver
  • Uses self-regulation strategies to be calm and ready to learn
  • Recognizes and stands up against racism
Thank you to all of The Waterfront School students, staff and community who collaborated to create, who a Waterfront student is. We will continue to set these high expectations for all of our students. We believe that every student can achieve this and can be successful.