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ECO Schools

The Waterfront School – an eco-friendly school

The Waterfront School is an eco-friendly school. Our school is a PLATINUM ECO SCHOOL. This year we continue to embed ECO initiatives into our daily activities in the school. We have been involved in many events this year to boost our eco-friendly awareness. We just finished our CAW (City School and The Waterfront School) partnership which included activities led by students in both schools to raise awareness and share information on how we can be more ECO friendly in our daily activities.  Our school participated in and won the Waste- Free Lunch Challenge . We are one of 30 grand prize winners in the province of Ontario. We continue to strive to reduce waste at school and we are reminded to pack waste-free lunches each and every day.  Our other events include Bag2school in which we recycled used clothing and we have drop off recycling locations for batteries and markers.  One of our big initiatives this year is our reusable "Proud Waterfront School Student" water bottle.  We want to remove all non- reusable plastics from our school and from our environment.

We actively participate in clean up events. Our school has an ECO Club that runs over the lunch hour and some days after school. The ECO Club helps protect endangered animals by raising funds for WWF. ECO Club members also make presentations to classes, parent meetings and whole school assemblies about being environmentally friendly. We hand out a certificates to the most eco-friendly class according to how well they fill in their energy charts.

We are proud of the Waterfront achievements in the area of environmental awareness and education and of how working on the environment has brought us together in working as a whole school team.

Way to go, Waterfront!


The Eco School Team