Homework Program

Following the TDSB’s Homework Policy, students in our class will be expected to read for at least 10 -15 minutes a day, in addition to participating in family-centered, interactive math and spelling activities. Please note that the math and spelling homework activities will be handed out each Monday and should be completed by Friday of each week. I encourage you to work with your child on these activities throughout the week rather then completing them all in one day.

Homework Program Details


Reading: Borrow-A-Book Program

Your child will borrow a book to read from our classroom library each day. Your child will read with you, or independently for 10-15 minutes each day. Please ensure that your child takes time to read the book they borrow.


Students in our class will work with the same five spelling words for a two-week period. These spelling words can be found in your child’s spelling book. Students can choose two spelling activities from the “Weekly Spelling Activities” list to complete for homework each week. There will be a spelling mini-quiz each Friday.



Students will be given one interactive math activity to work on for homework each week. Students will work with their parents/caregivers to complete the math activity. Math homework will be sent home in your child’s homework folder every Monday.