Grade 2/3 Room 6

In the grade 2-3 class, for language, most students are eagerly reading chapter books. The students are very excited about reading the books that their parents have voluntarily purchased for them through the Scholastic Book Club. Many have purchased a variety of reading material and the students are taking a great interest in sharing their favorites with their classmates. Students’ reading levels are improving and they are learning to read with more expression. They ask each other questions, share opinions and make many kinds of connections. These and other activities help to boost comprehension and critical thinking.

Students are also actively involved in dance and drama. They are working on a variety of skits as well as movement activities such as composing tableaux, etc...  Students are not only participating in new activities and learning new games but they are also learning teamwork and social skills.

We will have the Scientist in School Program, with scientific workshops delivered by presenters who are local scientists and technical experts. The workshops are closely tied to the science and math curriculum and are very worthwhile for the students as many of the activities are hands-on and students learn by doing experiments while having lots of fun.

In math, curriculum strands are taught through hands on-activities using a variety of manipulatives. Lessons are often based on the three-part lesson method that involves the students investigating and developing strategies to solve various problems and presenting their strategies to their classmates.