Grade 3 Room 7

Room 7 has some exciting plans for this term. In language our class is studying many forms of poetry. In April, we will be producing our own meaningful poems which reflect nature and the Earth. In science, the grades 3s will be conducting a hands-on real-life interactive study of germination by planting tomato seeds that were in orbit in space and ones that stayed here on Earth. The project is called “Tomatosphere” and is sponsored by the Canadian Space Agency and Agriculture Canada. You can read about it at

The rate and quantity of sprouts will vary depending on which seed samples they came from. Students will write observations in science journals and they will collect and analyze data as the plants grow. We will use math (data management) to help us with this experiment. We will be submitting our results online to “Tomatosphere” along with thousands of other schools across Canada and we will be able to compare our results with the others. We will continue to study other strands in science as well.

In Structures, the grade 3s will build and test structures such as bridges and chairs made of newspapers as well as researching interesting “famous” structures. The learning continues as the grade 3s prepare for EQAO at the end of May. Room 7 will certainly be busy this term and the learning will be fun!