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Withrow Times -Newspaper Team

 Reporters: Amelia, Aoife, Ellie, Kyla, Natalie, Ocean, Charlotte, Isabella, Lauren, Lilly

Withrow Times

October 10,2018

                   By:Amelia, Aoife, Ellie,Kyla,Natalie,Ocean,Charlotte,Isabella,Lauren,Lilly

Withrow Times 
October 10,2018
                      Terry Fox is one of Canada’s greatest heroes. His motivations were selfless, and his ideals helped shape Canada into what it is today. While he died at only 22, his legacy continues to help cancer survivors all across the world. He was diagnosed with cancer in his right leg forcing it to be amputated. He ran across the country with a prosthetic leg. Patients diagnosed with cancer face challenges every single day.
           A disease like that shows no mercy to anyone. It influences the way you walk, talk, eat and live life in any sort of fashion. It is made up of a cell that mutates and multiplies itself more than triple the speed of a normal cell. In some cases, it can even result in death.  When Terry Fox ran his marathon of hope, the cancer cure rate was 40% cured. Now, it's an 80% cure rate. That's double what it was back then. But scientists won't stop until 100% of cancer patients come out cured. It may seem impossible now, but as Terry once said; “I want to do the Impossible to show it can be done.” His legacy has helped make more heroes come out into the open. He has helped make the world a better place. If not for him, cancer cure rates would still be only at 40%. Thousands of people are saved every year because of his cause. If you would like to know more about this subject, please visit  

By Charlotte Welch, Newspaper Committee


Did you know October is also International Walk to School Month? If you're feeling up to the challenge, consider celebrating walking to school all month long.

As autumn arrives, the days begin to get shorter and increasing our visibility as pedestrians and cyclists becomes especially important. Whether heading to school by foot or on two wheels, the following are some safety tips from Toronto Public Health to keep in mind before heading outside:

  • Carry identification, a cell phone and a whistle
  • Bring water
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and bright, reflective clothing
  • Dress for the weather
  • Cross streets at traffic lights, stop signs or crosswalks-always walk facing traffic
  • Avoid using headphones and cell phones while walking
  • Tell someone where you are going
  • Check the Air Quality Health Index and UV index before you start your walk
  • Be sun safe

Show us how you're celebrating!

Share your iWalk/iWheel event with us by tweeting @EcoSchoolsTDSB and @TDSB using the hashtag #walktoschool or #biketoschool  




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