Transition to Grade 7


elementary to middle school

Moving from Grade 6 to Grade 7 is a big deal! Please visit the upcoming open houses (they are all being done virtually this year) and do your research. Please make sure that if you are applying for a school outside the Withrow catchment, you must apply for Optional Attendance. Alternative schools also require applications, and acceptance is based on a lottery system that will occur in the coming months.


Grade 7 Schools


Local school information:


Earl Grey Sr. PS

Extended French applications due by no later than January 29, 2021

There is no optional attendance available for students outside of the Earl Grey catchment.

Queen Alexandra MS

This year, all applicants for both the Extended French and Core program are being asked to email Queen Alexandra MS directly for registration documentation and processes.  The email address is simply put "Grade 7 Applicant – Withrow Ave JPS" in the subject line.  In the body of the email refer to the program to which you are interested in applying to. 

Queen A. deadlines are as follows:

Extended French applications due by no later than January 29, 2021

Optional Attendance applications due by no later than February 12, 2021

Home School applications to be advised by Queen Alexandra MS


Quest (alternative) - located in Withrow Jr. PS


E.A.S.T. (alternative) - located in Blake Jr. PS


Extended French

Extended french is another option for students entering grade 7 from the English stream. French Immersion students do not qualify for the Extended French program as you have already selected your French pathway by entering into the Early French Immersion program at Withrow.  The Extended French programs are provided to students who have been registered in the Core French program only. The Grade 7 French Immersion program continues at Earl Grey should you choose. In our area, both Earl Grey and Queen Alexandra are offering the extended french program for 2021-22. You must email the online application directly to the school. See the Extended French information package for details.

TDSB Extended French - Application Form


TDSB Alternative Schools

Optional Attendance

Optional attendance is where students have the opportunity to access schools outside of the school that is designated to serve their residential address by applying on optional attendance. Acceptance at these schools is subject to space availability and program suitability. 

2021-22 TDSB Elementary Optional Attendance Form

Elementary Optional Attendance – Key Dates:

February 12, 2021
Optional attendance forms due at elementary school

March 05, 2021
Deadline for parents/guardians to be informed of the status of the application request

March 26, 2021
Parents/guardians must inform the requested school of their acceptance of the offer