Withrow Parent Council

Withrow Parent Council

The Withrow Parent Council (WPC) is an excellent way for parents to get involved in their child's education, and in the school community. WPC is comprised of an elected committee of parents, staff and community members, and a general membership which includes all parents of children attending the school. The WPC advises the Principal on a variety of issues and activities relating to student achievement, curriculum goals and priorities, school budget priorities, school safety, renovation plans, after school activities, and criteria for selection of new Principals.

Visit the Withrow Parent Council website for more information

Withrow Parent Council also does fundraising for various school initiatives, primarily through our two biggest events, the Silent Auction and the Withrow Fun Fair.  

Our ability to send weekly updates is limited due to Board technical issues, but new items will be sent as part of the regular school email, and is also updated on our Facebook page.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Co-Chairs, Kim Munro Roberts and Lisa Cohen, via email - Withrow.ParentCouncil@tdsb.on.ca 

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