Withrow Avenue Junior Public School (GR. JK-06)

Every day, every child, a success!
Welcome to Withrow Avenue Junior Public School

Withrow Avenue Public School is situated in Riverdale. The school has rich history and celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2003. The school's current building was constructed in 1972, and was designed around the open-concept model that was commonplace for the times. We are a dual-track school, offering both an English and Early French Immersion program to approximately 600 students. The building also houses the Withrow Childcare Centre as well as Quest Alternative Senior School. Withrow is also a focal point for the community and is used by community groups outside school hours.
Phone:(416) 393-9440
Fax:(416) 393-9595
Address:25 Bain Ave, Toronto, ON, M4K 1E5
Principal:Beverly O'Brien
Vice-Principal(s):Ioanna Georgiou
Cindy Kosa
Office Staff:Barbara Tinney
Helen Saroglou
School Council Chair(s):Chantal Chiarelli
Kim Munro Roberts
Superintendent:Belinda Longe (Acting)
Learning Network:LN23
Trustee:Jennifer Story
Ward:Ward 15