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Welcome Back!

It's going to be a great year!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday, September 2nd.  Remember, the school bell will ring everyone into the building at 8:40 am.

Bowmore waits for this year's Eco Status!! Cross your fingers!

Environmental innovation at Bowmore

Eco-Schools & The Green Team What is an Eco-School?
Started in 2003 with 13 schools, the TDSB’s EcoSchools program now has over 400 schools across Toronto participating. This program was developed to raise awareness and help students learn about how to become more environmentally responsible. Each year the Eco team needs to submit an online application and have an auditor visit the school to get recertified and keep their status as an Eco School.

What does the Eco-Team do in our school?
Our "Green Team" is very active. Here are some of the activities we do:

■announcements to remind students about eco concerns
■monitoring garbage and electricity use
■promote litterless lunches
■perform waste audits
■weed the gardens /water the trees/ mulch the peace garden
■host organizations like the Earth Rangers, Focus on Forests, Jellyfish Project
■promote eco friendly behaviours by visiting classrooms, creating bulletin boards, and assemblies, organize eco transition days such as the one for Earth Day.
■support new kindergarten vegetable planter boxes
■continue terracycling (which is collecting juice packs which are used for insulating lunch bags, and tassimo coffee pucks)
What is our status? When was it achieved?
■2014-2015: ? (waiting for our status; cross your fingers)

■2013-2014: Platinum
■2012-2013: Gold
■2011-2012: Gold
■2010-2011: Gold
■2009-2010: Silver
■2008-2009: Bronze
What does each level mean?
There are 4 levels of eco-certification, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. When the school is audited, it receives up to 100 points for various categories:

■Fostering Leadership and Teamwork (up to 15 points)
■Reducing Impact on the Environment (a) energy conservation (up to 22 points); (b) waste minimization (up to 14 points)
■Caring and Creating Vibrant School Grounds (up to14 points)
■Improving Student Achievement Through Ecological Literacy (up to 20 points)
■Contributing to Healthy, Safe, and Caring School Communities (up to 15 points)
Receiving points is based on combining three methods of assessment:

■Self assessment through a binder- a collection of materials, samples and pictures the Eco school has used to work within the categories
■Performance indicators
■Look fors- the auditor must see proof of these when they visit
The school's final EcoSchools score corresponds to the average level achieved across the five sections of the EcoSchools program.

Bronze (Level 1) = 40-64

Silver (Level 2) = 65-74

Gold (Level 3) = 75-87

Platinum (Level 4) = 88-100


"Bronze and silver levels mean that formal programs are in place, though widespread adoption will require more time. Also, bronze and silver schools may only be at the beginning stages of incorporating ecological literacy into classroom programs. Both gold and platinum levels mean that the schools have extensively implemented and sustained exemplary practices in staff and student leadership, reducing impact (energy conservation, waste minimization, school ground greening), developing ecological literacy, and building healthy communities."
What do we need to do as a school in order to obtain/ maintain platinum status?
Areas where we need the most improvement to gain points included eco-literacy/ “Greening” the school grounds and energy conservation. That is why our goals this year are to replant some trees that have died near our outdoor classrooms, and promote lights out on sunny days, as well as de-lamping (not using all the lights, all the time).

In the fall of 2013, Bowmore was awarded 5 new trees. The new trees were planted along the back yard/pavement. Once grown, these trees will provide much needed shade for our students when playing on the pavement and to the building.

Thanks to everyone that makes our community an eco-friendly place to be.

What is the Eco-Schools' website?

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

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Please join us for our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast. Please see the attached flyer for details.
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