Bowmore Nutrition Program

General Snack Info!
The morning snack provides all students with a nutritious morning snack. The snack program considers itself a partner in developing healthy choices, as does physical and health education. We want to ensure that those children who are either not provided with breakfast at home or don’t have time to eat (senior school students in particular) have the necessary nutrients to maximize the productivity of their studies and are able to focus on their lessons.

For more information or to provide feedback, you can also contact our Nutrition Team at

Our menu often changes, but this is a rough guideline:
Monday - grain + fruit or vegetable
Tuesday - dairy + fruit or vegetable
Wednesday - grain + fruit or vegetable
Thursday - dairy + fruit or vegetable
Friday - grain

Sample Meal Plan:
Monday - granola bar + apple
Tuesday - cheese string + carrots
Wednesday - muffin + tangerine
Thursday - yogurt tube + pear
Friday - cereal or popcorn