Selection Form for In-Person or Virtual Learning

The TDSB has sent out a survey asking families to complete an online Selection Form for In-Person or Virtual Learning. If you would like your child to have a ‘fully-remote’ program from September to February, the form that was sent to you must be completed by the deadline of August 12. If you did not receive the form, please email This process is managed centrally, not by individual schools. Please note that if you do not complete the form, the default selection is ‘In-Person’.

Schools will be provided the results of this survey after the 23rd of August. At this time, we will assess the impact on our in-person enrolment and if any staffing changes or class reorganisations will be required.

We will be provide an update in late August with details about the survey results, as well as COVID safety protocols for the coming year, and other pertinent information.