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Transitions Committee Information

As a result of a 2015-2016 TDSB Board of Trustees Approval in support of a Pupil Accommodation Review Committee recommendation for grade reconfigurations, the following changes will occur for September 2016:

• Hodgson Senior Public School transition from a configuration of Grade 7-8 to a configuration of Grades 6-8 (Middle School)

• Hodgson’s feeder schools (Davisville Public School, Eglinton Public School, Maurice Cody Public School and Oriole Park Public School) change from a Kindergarten – Grade 6 configuration to a Kindergarten to Grade 5 configuration

Given these changes, each school will have a transitions committee to raise issues related to local transitions issues arising from the grade configuration changes, discuss these issues and provide advice and recommendations to the principal of each school in terms of implementing potential solutions.

Each school’s transition committee will be a subcommittee of the school’s council (SC) which provides advice to the principal on matters related to student achievement and well-being.

Each of the 5 school principals meet monthly with the Superintendent of Education to bring issues forward for discussion as a group in order to look at consistency of approach where appropriate. In the first two transition meetings, some of the discussion topics to date have included:

• Graduation issues related to a double cohort (grade 5 and grade 6)
• Construction related issues at Hodgson given the increased enrolment starting in September 2017
• Parent Information Meetings
• Grade 5 and Grade 6 transition visits to Hodgson
• Childcare Options
• Excursions including Outdoor Education Experiences
• Staffing
• Management of Furniture and Equipment

Each of the five school principals will bring information back from the administrator transition team meetings to their respective local school transition team and to the local school council.

Board Decision Notice for Yonge-Eglinton PART

Davisville Maintains Eco-Platinum Status!

EcoSchools Platinum Seal

This Year, once again Davisville received the Platinum status for EcoSchools. We are thrilled to share that after all of the hard work put in by Eco Club members, staff and volunteers, our school had been awarded EcoSchools PLATINUM Status in 2015 and continues to maintain it! This is the highest level available and we are very proud of our accomplishment. Congratulations to everyone who helped make it possible! 

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