Dear families,

In the 2018-2020 school years we received a very high number of requests for children not to be put on the school bus on random days. Please note that taking the school bus is the preferred mode of transportation, however we do understand that you may need to pick up your child(ren) sometimes and that there are last minute emergencies.

This year to ensure effective and uninterrupted communication and for the safety of your child we require that you complete the below form if you will be picking up your child (you will have to complete this form EVERY TIME YOU WOULD LIKE TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD(REN). The cut off time every day is 2:00 pm.

Please do not call/email the school office with this information. Please complete the below form. We request this for your child’s safety and to avoid any confusion.

Please save this link somewhere easily accessible for you.


QR Code

(For IPhone users - Open the camera on your phone towards the above image. A link will automatically appear at the top. Click on the link and complete the form)