Lunchroom Rules

As a student in the Davisville Lunchroom Program, I will show respect for myself and others by: 


  • co-operating with the lunchroom supervisors at all times.
  • using my words and asking for help when I need assistance.
  • using my manners.
  • using an indoor voice, when talking with my friends or adults.
  • remaining seated to eat my lunch. 
  • never sharing food or drinks with other students.
  • cleaning up my area by putting my garbage in the garbage or recycling containers. 
  • putting away my lunch bag in my classroom bin or in my backpack, when finished. 
  • asking politely to leave the classroom or cafeteria (washrooms, clubs).
  • waiting to be dismissed and lining up quietly, to proceed outside with the lunchroom supervisors.
  • reading quietly, playing a game or watching the movie during indoor lunch recesses and not disturbing others.
  • always following the Davisville Code of Conduct.


Enjoy your lunch but follow the rules!!!!