Information for perspective students wishing to attend Harbord C. I.

Thank you for your interest in Harbord C. I. and Admissions.  Students living with parents/legal guardians at their primary residential address OUTSIDE the Harbord catchment, please see "Section A".  Students living with guardians at their primary residential address INSIDE the Harbord catchment, please see "Section B".

Section A: Optional Attendance application information for students living OUTSIDE the Harbord C. I. catchment area

Secondary Optional Attendance Form and Key Dates:

Download the Optional Attendance Form from this link.  Please include your email address on the form.  Download a form here >>>  Optional Attendance Form PDF


Optional attendance forms due at secondary school, Harbord C. I.  It is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian to deliver the optional attendance form to Harbord C. I.  A receipt will be issued when the completed form is delivered to Harbord C. I. in person.

February 2, 2018:  DEADLINE TO SUBMIT OPTIONAL ATTENDANCE FORMS.  All applicable information and signature(s) required.

February 16, 2018: Deadline for parents/guardians of students to be informed of the status of the application request

February 23, 2018: Course selection sheets due at elementary schools

March 2, 2018: Course selection sheets due at secondary schools.

For information regarding the optional attendance application and admissions to Harbord C. I., please see this page and the following link:

To verify your primary residential address is inside or outside the Harbord C. I. catchment area, please visit this link:

Students living with parents/legal guardians at their primary residential address OUTSIDE the Harbord catchment are required to submit an Optional Attendance Form, completed with all required information and original signature(s) to Harbord C. I. by the deadline date.

• Optional Attendance selection process is by random lottery.
• Submission of an Optional Attendance form does not guarantee admissions to Harbord C. I.
• Optional Attendance status is: Regular Core English and Extended French Programs = Limited; French Immersion Program = Closed.
• Optional Attendance forms are accepted for the Regular Core English and Extended French Programs; French Immersion Program is not available to the Optional Attendance process.

It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to deliver the completed optional attendance application form to the Harbord Guidance Office.  Application forms delivered in person will be issued a receipt.  

Families residing at a primary residential address OUTSIDE the Harbord catchment must submit an optional attendance application form, please read all information and dates carefully.

See below for complete information & forms.  Please note that the parent/guardian signature and the *school principal signature (*if the student is currently attending a TDSB school) are required on the optional attendance form.

For all inquiries, questions or concerns regarding admissions to Harbord C. I., please send an email, with the student's full name in the subject field and specific details in your email to

Optional Attendance Application Process - Grades 9 to 12**** Optional Attendance Form with "original signature(s)" submission deadline date: Friday, 2 February 2018.

Students who are attending a Harbord feeder school but live outside of the Harbord catchment are required to apply via the optional attendance process by the deadline date.  If your primary residential address in outside the harbord catchment and the student is currently enrolled at a Harbord feeder school, the student is not guaranteed for admissions to Harbord C. I.  You can contact your home school's guidance counsellor for specific clarification if needed.To verify if your home address is in the Harbord C. I. catchment area, please visit this link:

Each year, a lottery is held in the first week of February to determine successful applicants applying for optional attendance.  Applicants will be notified by letter via Canada Post mailing.  Successful applicants will be given further information regarding a the next steps in the registration and course selection process.  Unsuccessful applicants will be placed on a waiting list pending space availability.Harbord C. I. is a "full" year (non-semester) school.  

At Harbord, students take on all eight (8) subject courses at the same time for ten (10) months from September through June.  (At other schools that may be a "semester" school, where in Semester 1, students take on four (4) subject courses in the first five (5) months of the school year from September through January; in Semester 2, students take on another four different courses in the next five (5) months from February through June.)

Optional attendance process for the school year Sept. 2017 to June 2018 is now CLOSED.

    Please Note the Following:

    1) Priority of placement in the requested school will be based on a lottery if applications exceed the space available at the requested school.

    2) If admitted, a student is expected to continue at the requested school until graduation.


    (a) Applications must be received by Friday, 2 February 2018.

    (b) A lottery, if necessary, will be held to determine the successful applicants.

    (c) Parents/guardians or students 18 years of age or older will be informed of acceptance or non-acceptance prior to Friday, 16 February 2018.

    (d) Parents/guardians or students 18 years of age or older must confirm the offer of admission by completing a course selection sheet by Friday, 2 March 2018.

    (e) No student will be admitted into a junior high level for grade 9 and at all secondary grade levels through optional attendance after Friday, 2 March 2018 unless the student does not have a timetable at another school.

    Note: It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to deliver this application to the school or schools of choice.

    Notice of Collection

    In accordance with Section 29(2) of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act 1989, this is to advise you that the information you have provided is collected under the legal authority of the Education Act, R.S.O. 1980, Chapter 314, as amended, its regulations and memoranda, and Sections 117, 118 and 119 of the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto Act, R.S.O. 1980, Chapter 314, as amended, and may be used as necessary in the normal operation of the Board of Education and its constituent parts. Information would be released only under proper authorization.


For students who are newcomers to Ontario and Canada, and international students, see link below:  For students who are interested in a specialised, alternative or special needs program, see these links: 


Section B: Registration information for students living INSIDE the Harbord C. I. catchment area

For all inquiries to the Guidance Office regarding admissions, registration, optional attendance, etc., please send an email to

  • **Please note: TDSB requires schools to see ORIGINAL & CURRENT documents for student registrations.**
  • Students who are newcomers to Ontario, see BOTH STEPs 1 & 2.
  • Families living inside the Harbord catchment area and your child is currently attending a TDSB elementary school, please notify the guidance counsellor at your child's current elementary school that you would like your child to attend Harbord in September of the next school year.
  • Students who are currently attending a NON-TDSB elementary school (catholic school board, private school, etc.), please see STEP 2 below and email the Harbord Guidance Office,, to set up a registration appointment.
  • If the student is currently attending a TDSB secondary school, the current secondary school is deemed the home school and the student may apply to Harbord via the Optional Attendance process. See above (top of this page) for more information regarding the optional attendance process.  See the Optional Attendance application information at the top of this page.
  • If the student is a newcomer to Ontario or is returning from another province or another country after an extended stay, please see the following linked page for more information:
STEP 1: Arrange an appointment with the West End Reception Centre. They will tell you what documents you and the student will need to bring on the day of the appointment. At the conclusion of the student’s assessment at the West End Reception Centre, you will receive a sealed package of the results and advise a list of secondary schools available to the student based on, but not limited to, the primary residential address and results.  On the appointment date at Harbord C. I., the parent/legal guardian and the student will need to bring the sealed package from the West End Reception Centre and all original documents as listed below. 

All secondary school age students holding Canadian citizenship status, permanent resident, or parent on a work permit status who are arriving to Ontario for the first time or returning to Ontario after residing outside of the province for an extended period begin by visiting a Newcomer Reception Centre to have English language and mathematics skills assessed. This assessment will help schools offer the supports needed as students begin studying in Canada.

Arrange an appointment by calling the
West End Reception Centre
777 Bloor Street West, 4th floor, Toronto, ON 
Tel: 416-393-0542
(No email address available for the West End Reception Centre)
(Located on the south side of Bloor Street West at Christie subway station)
Map and directions to West End Reception Centre

Contact Harbord C. I. Guidance Office by email to book a registration appointment for a date.
Email: for a registration appointment.  Please include the student's name in subject line and attach a completed registration form.  Student Registration Form - Download the 4-page form here >>> Student Registration Form - rev March2016.pdf

Note:  Parents must present current ORIGINAL documents to the registration appointment.  Registration appointments may be rescheduled when required documents are incomplete.  Additional documentation may be required on a case-by-case basis.

To verify if your home address is in the Harbord catchment area, please visit this link:

Admission eligibility and documentation requirements for students living within the Harbord catchment area. 

You will need to bring ***ALL required documentation*** to your registration/admissions interview for admissions as listed below.
Additional documentation may be requested on a case by case basis.

1. Proof of Primary Residential Address, any two items; please note that both documents must show the name of the parent/legal guardian and primary home address.
  • Current Lease or Deed 
  • Current Utility Bill
  • Current Property Tax Bill
  • Current Motor Vehicle Ownership and Insurance
  • Original Interim Property Tax Bill
  • Health Card
  • Current Bank Statement
  • Original Credit Card Statement (personal information on document may be blocked out)
  • Recent correspondence from a government agency
  • Most recent original Income Tax Assessment (personal information on document may be blocked out)
  • Recent correspondence from a Municipal, Federal or Provincial Government Agency

2. Proof of Legal Names, Date of Birth and Citizenship (any 1 item)

***Students who do not hold Canadian citizenship status, please provide the student's home country passport that documents the first entry date into Canada.***
 Birth Certificate (The Canadian birth certificate is preferred.)
 Baptismal Record
 Canadian Passport
 Canadian Citizenship Card or Certificate
 Confirmation of Permanent Residence
 Permanent Resident Card
 TDSB School Admission Letter
 Refugee Claimant papers

3. High School Transcript, Credit Counselling Summary and Report Card from the current or most recent school attended.

4. Special Education information, I.E.P. and other documentation (if applicable)

5. Ontario Health Card or other health insurance coverage for the student

6. Business Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses for parents/guardians

7. Two (2) Emergency Contact Names and Telephone numbers other than parents/guardians

8. Student Registration Form - Download the 4-page form here >>> Student Registration Form - rev March2016.pdf

9. Both student and a parent/legal guardian must attend the registration appointment

10. Both birth parents are assumed to have joint custody of the student age under 18 years old.  If this is not the case, please bring court documentation to verify custody and legal guardianship.

If you require additional information, clarification or to book a registration appointment, please contact the Harbord C. I. Guidance Dept. by email