School Code of Conduct


In the spirit of Harbord’s tradition and pride, Harbord’s student, staff and parent community support the philosophy of this CODE OF CONDUCT to facilitate the provision of a positive learning environment.

1.    At Harbord C.I. students and staff (teaching and non-teaching) are to be cooperative and respectful of each other.

2.       Students have a responsibility to attend all scheduled classes, to be on time and to be prepared for class.

3.     All students are expected to behave in a manner that contributes to a positive climate of learning in the classroom; the school staff has the authority and responsibility to correct student behaviour in a reasonable manner consistent with the code.

4.     Aggressive and violent behaviour will not be tolerated.  The use of profanity, racist, sexist or homophobic language is not acceptable.

5.       Alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons (including replicas) and laser pointers are banned from school property and from school-related activities.

6.       All personal communication devices are powered off and stored out of view during classes and in all areas of the school.  This includes MP3 players, pagers, cell phones IPods, and all other electronic devices.  Students can expect these items to be confiscated for 24 h.

7.       All members of the Harbord community are expected to treat school property and the possessions of others with respect, so that the school continues to provide a safe and positive learning environment.  Vandalism and theft will not be tolerated.

8.       For health and safety reasons, and to assist our caretakers, food is to be consumed in the cafeteria only.  During the lunch period, because of limited cafeteria space, you may also eat and drink in the basement hallways.  No food is permitted on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd floors.  Teachers may make special arrangements to have food in classrooms.

9.       Students have a responsibility to maintain a clean environment in all areas of the school: classrooms, lockers, hallways, cafeteria, auditorium, school grounds.

10.    Smoking is prohibited on all Toronto District School Board property, including Harbord C.I.  Anyone on Board property must respect our smoke-free, healthy environment.

11.    All students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate for a workplace or educational environment.  Headgear, dorags, overly revealing and gang-related clothing are not acceptable.

If the Code of Conduct has not been followed, consequences will be imposed, including detentions, contact with parents and interviews with the Principal or Vice-Principal.  More serious or repeated violations carry further consequences including suspension and expulsion.  The TDSB Safe School Policies, Procedures, and Consequences for inappropriate behaviour will be followed.  Many opportunities exist for positive and constructive resolution of conflict and/or disagreement between members of the Harbord Community, through peer mediation or through consultation with teachers, Curriculum Leaders, Vice-Principals or the Principal.

Harbord’s Code of Conduct has been developed in compliance with the Toronto District School Board’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.