Late and Missed Assignments

Policy for Late and Missed Assignments



Student Responsibilities for Course Work:

  • Students are responsible for:
    • Meeting all course expectations.
    • Arriving to class prepared to learn and with all necessary supplies.
    • Writing in-class evaluations on the scheduled evaluation date.
    • Completing assignments by deadline dates.
    • Completing and presenting, in-person, an Extension Request Form (NEW) to the teacher at least three school days prior to the due date in order for an extension to be considered for teacher approval.
    • Communicating with teachers immediately should an assessment and/or evaluation be missed.
    • Completion of missed assignments prior to each report card.
  • Legitimate absences require a note from parents/guardians, or in some circumstances, a doctor. If there is a legitimate reason for missed or late assignments/evaluations, the teacher will determine the next steps for evaluation.
  • Students with a Special Education designation who require academic support will receive support according to their IEP and documented accommodations.
  • Students who require academic support based on other special needs, will receive accommodations based on needs, supporting documents and in consultation with school support staff and/or parents/guardians and other external agencies.


Students who submit assignments late or miss evaluations must discuss the situation with the teacher(s). Consequences of not doing so may include:

  • Mark deduction
  • Contact with parents/guardians
  • Referral to Vice-Principal
  • Mark of “0”

Once an assignment or evaluation has been marked and returned to the class, the students who have not submitted the work may not submit it to be evaluated for credit. They will have had the opportunity to see the corrected work of classmates and thereby have an unfair academic advantage.


Student Moratorium

No evaluations may take place during the Student Moratorium (four school days prior to the exam period). The Moratorium is to be used for the return of evaluated/assessed materials, mark review, exam preparation or regular course activity.


Missed Exam(s):

Students are expected to write all scheduled exams on the exam date, with no exemptions including personal travel/family vacations.

If a student misses an exam(s), they are responsible for providing a medical note indicating that they were too ill to write the exam. If no note is provided, the student will receive a mark of zero.