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Policy for Late and Missed Assignments

 Questions & Answers on Late and Missed Assignments

The Growing Success Policy states "Individual boards will work collaboratively with their schools and communities to develop policy for dealing with late and missed assignments for evaluation for students in Grades 7 – 12, and board policy will be implemented consistently in all schools in the board. Board policy must align with the policies outlined in the present document." Pg. 44

Following this policy direction, Toronto District School Board undertook a consultation process and has developed

The Evaluation of Late and Missed Assignments (PR614).

2. How is student achievement evaluated?

Student achievement is evaluated on the basis of:

(1) The achievement of curriculum expectations, and

(2) The development of learning skills and work habits.

To the extent possible, the students’ achievement of curriculum expectations and development of learning skills and work habits should be evaluated and reported separately for students.


4. How can students be supported to submit their work on time?

What can teachers do to assist students to complete their work successfully? Asking the students to clarify the reason for not completing the assignment; Helping students develop better time-management skills; What are the deadlines for work submission?

For each evaluation, the teacher will inform students of the due date and the ultimate deadline. The ultimate deadline is the last opportunity for students to submit an assignment for evaluation.

The ultimate deadline is set at the teacher’s discretion; all teachers of a particular course, however, should agree upon the amount of time allowed from the due date to the ultimate deadline.

As always, teachers have the flexibility to use their professional judgment and consider extenuating circumstances of individual students.

6. For incomplete and late assignments, how is a student’s mark determined?

Teachers use a variety of strategies and methods for dealing with late and missed assignments such as counselling, peer tutoring, alternative assignments, and parent conferences.

When a significant number of strategies have been tried, marks may be deducted up to and including the full value of the assignment.

Mark deduction as a consequence of late and missed assignments is done only as a last resort.


7. What are students’ responsibilities in submitting completed assignments on time?

Students and their parents will be informed of the importance of timely submission of assignments and the consequences for late or nil submission of assignments early in the school year.

 Students are responsible for providing evidence of their achievement of the overall expectations of their course in the time frame specified by their teacher(s).

 Students should negotiate extensions prior to the assignment due date for compelling reasons or extenuating circumstances.

For a copy of the Procedure on Evaluation of Late and Missed Assignment PR 614:

Go to TDSB website at

Click on "Parents" tab

Select and click on "TDSB Policies"

Select and click on "Procedures"

 Collaborating with other staff to prepare a part or full-year calendar of major assignment

dates for every class;

 Planning for major assignments to be completed in stages, so that students are less likely to

be faced with an all-or-nothing situation at the last minute;

 Maintaining ongoing communication with students and/or parents about due dates and late assignments and scheduling conferences with parents if the problem persists;

 Referring to student’s IEP for suggested accommodations/modifications;

 Providing alternative forms of assignments; and

 Encouraging the use of assistive technology



 Taking into consideration legitimate reasons for missed deadlines;

 Setting up a student contract;

 Using counselling or peer tutoring to try to deal positively with problems;

 Holding teacher-student conferences;

 Providing alternative assignments or tests/exams where it is reasonable and appropriate;

 In secondary schools, referring the student to the Student Success team or teacher; and

 Deducting marks for late assignments, up to and including the full value of the assignment.



For Parents & Students

1. Why does the Toronto District School Board have a procedure for late and missed assignments?

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