Course Selection with myBlueprint

Students will be selecting courses for the upcoming school year and planning for the future using myBlueprint education planner.

What is myBlueprint?

myBlueprint lets students create an engaging and interactive education plan to help them plan their futures. Students build a high school course plan that visually tracks their progress towards graduation and instantly identifies the post-secondary opportunities available to them.


Online course selection will be available at beginning Monday, February 13th, 2017.

The activation code for is: sirmowat

Students are submitting choices in their Math classes between February 22nd and 28th. Students are to submit "Course Selection Sign-Off Sheets" to GUIDANCE by March 1st, 2017. Parent/Guardian signatures must be obtained.

Graduating students: If you are not returning, click "Not Returning next year". Next, select a destination pathway. i.e.) APPRENTICESHIP, COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY, NEW SCHOOL. Finally click confirm - NO SIGN OFF SHEET IS REQUIRED!! Also, please complete the exit survey.


Course Selection Worksheet

Grade 9 Presentation

Grade 10 Presentation

Grade 11 Presentation

Grade 12 Presentation