Deadline: February 1st, 2018, but apply early.

Applications received after the deadline will still be processed by the OCAS and distributed to the colleges. However, highly competitive programs will most likely be full.


Fee: $95.00

Allows you to apply for up to 5 programs, with a maximum of 3 per college



Find a Program guide was distributed to all students at the grade 12 assembly in September at the beginning of the school year. Copies of the Ontario College guide, which contains more detailed information is available for viewing in the Student Services office. It is also available online at

Also check individual college calendars (available online or in the Student Services office) for program requirements, scholarships and other important school information.




Colleges have individual requirements for each of their programs. Many require a minimum average for certain grade 12 courses.Some colleges have developed partnerships with universities and now offer degree programs, in addition to diplomas. Please check calendars and websites for more information.




Deadline: January 11,  2018 

Please do not wait until the last minute, as the website gets flooded in the final days. Applications received after this date will still be processed by the OUAC and distributed to the universities. However, highly competitive programs will most likely be full.


Fee: $150.00

Allows you to apply for 3 programs

$50 for each additional program that you apply to, with no limit other than maximum of 3 per university




INFO guide to all universities is now available online (eINFO). Please go to

Also check individual university calendars, which are available online or in the Student Services office, for program requirements, scholarships and other important school information.




University entrance averages are based on a student’s top 6 University (U) or Mixed (M) level courses.

Check the individual universities and programs to which you are applying for further requirements. Many programs require an essay, reference letters, interviews and even auditions.

Students applying to a U.S. College and want information on writing the SAT should go to






Apprenticeship is a very viable post-secondary pathway. Many students show an aptitude for the skilled trades. These careers are in high demand in our economy.

Students who enter the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) go through a program of classroom study and practical work placements. There are typically 3 or 4 study and work cycles. While on the job the students are paid, and their pay increases with each subsequent work cycle. is a good website to check out.

Sectors for the Skilled Professions

Construction (e.g. Cement Mason)

Industrial (e.g. Electrician)

Motive Power (e.g. Parts Technician)

Service (e.g. Child & Youth Worker)

Agriculture (e.g. Horse Groomer)

Co-operative Education

Students who are interested in the skilled trades should consider applying for our co-op in order to gain practical work experience in their field of interest. These students should also try to select subjects that relate to their chosen field.






The World of Work is another viable post-secondary pathway. Many students decide to enter the workplace directly from high school. These students often have some experience through evening, weekend or summer employment.

Students who wish to enter the workplace should try to choose subjects in high school that match their job interests.

Co-op is certainly a recommended course as it allows the student to engage in a practical work experience and learn skills such as resume writing and job interview skills, which will serve them well when applying for a job. At Sir Oliver Mowat C. I. we offer either a 2 credit or 4 credit Co-op.

Students wishing to enter the work force should plan to attend the Work Connections Job Fair April at Maple Leaf Gardens. Please sign up in the guidance office.




There are many agencies and websites that offer job search services. If you would like to speak with a job counsellor from a community job agency, please book an appointment in the guidance office, or call the YMCA (416-609-0218) or Tropicana (416-439-9009).

You can also try the following websites:

Please see a guidance counselor for more information or help with post-secondary choices